Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tai Chi in March

Wednesdays at 6:00 pm, call to register or sign up on line.

Tai Chi ~ CosmoDynamics
CosmoDynamics, also known Tai Chi, draws its knowledge from the I-Ching and ancient Taoist practices. It is a "soft" Chinese martial art form and a means of cultivating the qi, or chi, in the body. Tai Chi originally stemmed from the ancient practice of qi gong, and consists of many qi gong movements, and it evolved to a distinct and separate martial art form. It incorporates movements that are used as a form of relaxation and to teach control of every part of the body. The movements practiced are slow and steady, and students will focus on developing control and form.
The health benefits of regular practice include:

More efficient breathing
Reduced blood pressure
Increased bone density, strength and range of motion of joints
Greater leg & knee strength and flexibility

Reduced levels of stress hormones during and after practice
Practitioners studying CosmoDynamics will achieve better conditioning for the body and more importantly, develop a sense of internal calm. It is to learn to synchronize with the environment, to move with the dynamics of the cosmos. In using introspection, practitioners while bring together their inner strength and softness in the outside. It's about opening the mind and losing the structure.

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