Friday, June 19, 2009

Yoga with students from The Edwards Center in Aloha

I taught my first class on Wednesday June 17th to 8 students from the Edwards Center in Aloha. I had 3 teachers from their facility assist me during class which was very helpful and I think made the students feel more comfortable.
I did my homework and researched information on classes for developmentally disabled adults. I had an idea of what I wanted to work on in class and planned on keeping the class to 30-40 minutes in length. Some of the poses went well and others not so much. The length went to about 45 minutes by the time we were finished with relaxation and back to a seated pose. It was an absolute pleasure for me to teach this class. The students seemed to enjoy it and will be coming back for 7 more weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing the growth in all of us.

I have changed my class sequence for next week to what I feel will work better. I am leaving some poses out from this week, keeping some and adding a few new ones. I also plan on keeping the length to 30 minutes of work and 5 + minutes of relaxation to finish with.

Namaste ~ Victoria

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PetalsYoga said...

What a great class to teach. They are very lucky to have such a warm and thoughtful teacher.r

Miss seeing you,